Valorant Indian servers being tested, Riot confirms

Valorant Indian servers being tested, Riot confirms

The test servers went live right after Middle east servers were announced

Valorant Middle East and Indian servers were meant to be established when the game was launched back in June but it wasn't possible due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After a lengthy delay, Middle east servers for Valorant finally went live on the midnight of 2nd September. Riot has launched the Arabic website for Valorant where they said, "One of our goals is also to develop the esports scene in this region ... some of you must have seen First strike championship announcement"

Indians were expected to get latencies around 30ms to 40ms prior to the launch of the Middle East servers but many players reported ultra low latencies- around 12ms for those playing from regions around Mumbai. Due to this, many assumed that Indian servers for Valorant are finally here- but that is not the case as Riot was just testing the servers in the region.

Mumbai servers go live every morning, but only for testing

Players have reported that they get routed to Mumbai servers only once or twice and mostly during mornings. In response to Mumbai servers going live a developer from Riot who goes by the Reddit handle of ArmiesofZNight said in a post, "Just as a heads up, these are not fully live just yet. We're doing some small scale tests over the next couple weeks, so you may see it pop in and out of availability. We're basically making sure our connections and routing with main ISPs are working correctly. Today's showed some player isp's routing people through Singapore and then back to Mumbai, for example--not great for ping. We're getting closer and will have a firm live date soon."

This confirms that Valorant servers in the Indian Region are not yet fully established and are just being tested, but the testing supports the fact that the infrastructure will be established completely soon.

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