Valorant Act III is here! Here's what you should know before jumping in

Valorant Act III is here! Here's what you should know before jumping in

The third act is set to bring lots of new changes an additions to the game

Riot Games' Valorant act III is coming out today and along with it, there are a slew of new changes, additions and improvements, making it the biggest Act of the game yet.

A new battle pass, agent, map, a complete revamp of the competitive mode and more are coming to Valorant. Here is everything you need to know.

A new map

The highlight of the act will be the new map- Icebox, which will be playable from today in Unrated mode. So, lets take a closer look at what all is coming to Act 3. The Icebox map is completely designed from the ground up and will offer complex gameplay opportunities that were not present in current maps.

Major Competitive mode update

In order to help with a more balanced matchmaking experience, Riot will be limiting the Rank tiers you can queue with from 6 tiers to 3 tiers. In addition, the rank variations for those in Immortal tier and above will be purely impacted by wins or loses and how decisive the match outcome was. Players all across the world will now be able to select their preferred server.

New Battlepass Skins and Items

The first skin bundle that Act 3 features “Surge,” which includes skins for the Stinger, Classic Pistol, Sheriff, and Bucky. Each of these multicolored skins come with four different variations to choose from.

The second skin bundle in the battlepass has been simply named “Serenity” after its golden and green aesthetic. This pack also features four skins for the Ghost, Phantom, Spectre, and Judge. These skins have a matte green finish two them and feature a golden outline across the whole gun.

Valorant’s third battlepass skin pack “Ruin” resembles player-favorite Japanese-style “Oni” skins. The Ruin pack features skins for the Vandal, Marshal, Guardian, and Shorty. Players can also obtain the curved Ruin knife at level 50 of the battlepass. These black and gold skins give a nod to the Oni style with ruby gems.

A space themed skin bundle- Singularity

Valorant Singularity collection will be launching on October 13 alongside the rest of Act III content. This is the only set of skins revealed till now for Act III that comes with animations.

The skins are heavily based on outer space, with luminous bullet tracers and dark drone sound effects. The Level 4 finisher even sucks enemies into the abyss through a black hole. The designs for the Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, and Ares feature new abstract gun models.

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