Valorant 1.10 update is out for Episode 1 Act III: Here's what's new

Valorant 1.10 update is out for Episode 1 Act III: Here's what's new

Valorant's highly anticipated Act III is finally here and along with it, we have got the Valorant patch 1.10 update. The patch brings a lot of changes and additions. So, lets take a look at what to expect from Valorant Act III.

For players in India, the biggest feature of Act III is going to be the addition of Mumbai servers. The servers went live today, along with the Act III and now you can finally play at lower ping. Lets see what else patch 1.10 has brought.

New Map: Icebox

Each Icebox site is a complex combat space that features plenty of cover and verticality. This map emphasizes skirmishes, sharp aim, and adaptive play. There’s also a zipline that amplifies the feeling of quick action and verticality. Players will be able to jump in to Icebox from today in unrated games.

Icebox will then become available for play in the Competitive queue on October 27th.

Deathmatch mode update

The deathmatch mode of the game has been updated to provide more action and intense matches. Instead of 10 players, there will now be 14.

To counter spawn killing during deathmatch, Riot Games has confirmed that they have come up with safer spawn points. This will enable all 14 players to play fairly.

One of the biggest updates to Deathmatch mode is that now, every time you get a kill, your ammo count will be replenished, meaning that you won't have to reload your gun. Regaining health however, will require you to go to the green health sign that pops up on each kill.

Deathmatch games will also give you more XP from now. You can now earn 900 XP rather than 500. The match duration has also been increased from 6 minutes to 9 minutes.

Updates to competitive mode

Now, players can choose their preferred servers before jumping into a ranked game. This allows for better ping and stable connections. Additionally, the rank changes are such that you can only queue with someone up to 3 ranks below or above your own, rather than the original 6.

The goal behind this change is to allow for more fair play in competitive matches. Additionally, now, Immortal+ ranked changes will only be impacted by winning and losing and the decisiveness of the game outcome (how many rounds won or lost by) and not factor individual performance into the calculation

Other improvements

In this patch, Riot has fixed a host of issues and added loads of quality of life improvements. For starters, you can expect shorter map queue times, and more balanced matches.

An important aspect of these updates is also the fact that now, players can choose to refund skins. Also, players will be able to directly purchase their prefered variant, in some skins, and not go through all of them.

To read the full patch notes, click here.

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