The latest Valorant Patch is a minor update but it brings one key change to the meta

The latest Valorant Patch is a minor update but it brings one key change to the meta

Yesterday, on August 20, Riot Games released a planned patch for Valorant. The patch 1.06 mainly focuses on bug fixes, stability improvements and quality of life changes. However, it also changes the meta of the game in a key way.

The patch makes it so that shotguns in the game will be less accurate when fired from the air. So, let's take a look at what kind of a change this will bring to the game and the other changes in the patch notes as well.

What's new with the patch 1.06?

One of the core changes with the patch comes to shotguns, which have been nerfed. Now, players will receive increased spread penalty with the shotgun while in the air (from .5 to 1.25). Essentially, this means that players such as Raze, Jett and even a few others will no longer be able to rush you while in the air.

Prior to the patch, the Judge and Shorty meta was being abused by quite a few Jett and Raze players. Now, we can once again hope for more balanced matches and gunplay.

Other than that, there are some fixes and improvements to Pheonix. The audio and visuals for blinding effects (Phoenix Curveball and Breach Flashpoint) should better indicate when to turn away, and when it's safe to look again.

You can read the entire patch notes here.

A major bug that has not been fixed yet is the turret bug. On the map Split, there was an area where Killjoy's turrets could be placed under the ground, which means that it can do damage to pretty much any one across the map.

In any case, we hope for this bug and a few others to be fixed as soon as possible so that we can go back to having fun with Valorant.

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