Teasers from Riot authenticate Yoru as Valorant's 14th Agent

Teasers from Riot authenticate Yoru as Valorant's 14th Agent

The teasers iterate an engaging story

The community once again outmanoeuvred the devs, as recently every single detail about the next Battlepass and the newest upcoming agent: Yoru, were leaked by Twitter user Haci ahead of launch of the latest patch that will bless us with numerous meta changes coming 12th January.

The arrival of Valorant's 14th agent has been confirmed by the teasers that were recently posted on Valorant's official social media handles.

Riot is no stranger to launching teasers for upcoming content and they have done the same with Yoru, but this time it's not a single teaser, rather a fleet of teasers posted on some of Valorant's regional social media handles that iterate a story where each lead of the story is linked to one of the four abilities Yoru packs. We have got the story summed up for you.

Valorant teases Yoru's abilities

The first lead of the story iterated on Valorant's main social media handle introduces us to a mysteriously spawned anamoly caught on a Kingdom Security Cam.

The blue anomaly may be linked to Yoru's Ultimate/X as we can clearly see Yoru's mask in the blue orb, which he equips to become invisible and invulnerable temporarily.

According to the caption, "Leaked footage from a Kingdom security cam spotted an anomaly. Probably nothing, but still worth checking out."

The second lead iterated on Valorant Brazil's social media handle is a conversation between what looks like Raze, judging by the hand holding the cellphone, and Brimstone. The two are talking about the mysteriously spawned orb caught on the Kingdom security camera, which was seen in the first lead.

The conversation between Raze and Brimstone reads:

Raze: "Saw it online just now. Do you know anything about it?"

Brimstone: "It's Confidential."

Raze: "Afffff!! You are Drunk."

According to the caption, "The mysteriously spawned blue anamoly has caught the attention of many and there numerous are other mysterious things happening too."

The second lead iterated on Valorant Latin America's social media handle is of a newspaper with a front headline stating: "Mysterious blue light blinds attendees at Kingdom press event."

The mysterious blue light that blinded everyone, may be linked to Yoru's Q ability, which when triggered, fires a flashbang that goes off after bouncing off a surface.

According to the caption, "This is the second anomaly spotted in the Kingdom City and it looks there is another one."

The third lead of the story iterated on Valorant Turkey's social media handle is a recording of a Janitor who is most likely working at a Kingdom facility explaining to Cypher that she saw something strange while working the night shift. Here is what the recording states:

Cypher: "What did you see?"

Janitor: "Honestly, nothing. I was cleaning the normal places, you know. Then this noise came - not electrical, something different. It came from behind me and around me... I was alone in the middle of the night. Then I heard footsteps! I followed but the corridor was completely empty! Then I even checked the security cameras, but there was nothing there. I work for many hours until very late, you know. This Ankara Kingdom is new. I didn't know... Maybe there was something below me, I thought?"

The footsteps the Janitor heard but saw no one walking maybe from Yoru's ability creates fake footsteps which is his C ability.

According to the caption, "The Janitor attended the "Horrors of the Night" broadcast but But we won't be able to devote a lot of time to it because something was seen in Serbia."

The fourth lead of the story iterated on Valorant Russia's social media handle introduces us to the third anomaly which is a portal leading to an unknown place, opened up in Serbia.

This lead is linked to Yoru's E ability that opens a portal through which Yoru can teleport from as the portal can be clearly seen.

According to the caption, "The third anomaly was recorded by an adventurer who was off to conquer another road amidst which he filmed a gigantic breakthrough in reality in Siberia."

The final lead of the story iterated on Valorant's main social media handle that brings us back to the place where the mysterious blue anomaly was captured on the Kingdom cam, and it looks like Yoru was here again as he has drawn on the gate what seems to be the symbol that represents his mask which he equips while executing his ultimate ability.

According to the caption, "Yoru's trail has gone cold and cant be tracked now and it looks like we will have to wait for this trickster's next move."

Riot dedicates a Spotify playlist to each agent of the game and the developer has now released the Spotify playlist dedicated to the upcoming agent: Yoru.

You can groove to the playlist here.

Since Yoru's arrival has been confirmed, we are expecting him to be added to the game with the upcoming patch which is dropping on 12th January.

Once Yoru is live we will surely make a quick run-through of his abilities and also make a guide on the same, until then stay tuned.

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