Stardew Valley Mod adds 24 NPCs, new location and a host of new features

Stardew Valley Mod adds 24 NPCs, new location and a host of new features

The new mod comes after the recent massive update which the game received only about a week back.

A new mod for Stardew Valley has surfaced which adds a whole new area, new NPCs, dynamic schedules for NPCs and more to the game. Stardew Valley, a farming simulation RPG by Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone recently got one of it's biggest updates yet, wherein a new map was added.

Stardew Valley has quite an active modding community who are always making new and fun ways to play the game. So, here's a look at one of the best mods for the game- Ridgeside Village mod.

The mod adds a whole new region on the west of Stardew Valley

New Festivals to enjoy!
New Festivals to enjoy!

Notable things that the mod adds include a new location, 24 interactable NPCs with dialogues and dynamic schedules, new variety of fish and forage, new shops and stores, new items to collect and more.

The new region is called Ridgeside Village and it has a rather calming and cool feel to it. You can see the location is well made with the player and a sandbox experience in mind.

As for the 24 NPCs which have been added, they are a small community of their own and each of them have independent dialogues as well as dynamic day-night schedules. Apart from that, 14 of these NPCs will be non-marriageable, while 10 will be marriageable. Each of these NPCs have been carefully crafted to suit a personality type, which is something really unexpected from a mod.

As the creator of the mod explains, "A small town located on the west side of Stardew Valley, Go up the stairs in the Bus Stop and start your hike to the village! Meet new interesting people with immersive backstories, engaging dialogue and exciting events! Discover new forage, stories, secrets, maybe even fall in love? Who knows?! A lot can happen in Ridgeside Village!"

You can find the mod at Nexus Mods. Additionally, the mod will work in singleplayer, multiplayer, existing save files, SVE and almost all expansions of the game.

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