Snap the best photo in Horizon Zero Dawn’s Photo Mode and win a custom-built PC

Snap the best photo in Horizon Zero Dawn’s Photo Mode and win a custom-built PC

It’s finally here. PC Gamers just got one of the best games of the PlayStation 4 generation ported to PC: Horizon Zero Dawn. If that alone wasn’t already its own reward, this photo contest comes with the prize of a lifetime.

If you manage to take the best picture, a custom built Horizon Zero Dawn themed PC is out there waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get snapping!

Make the most out of Horizon Zero Dawn's vibrant environment

As you celebrate this awesome news and explore the untamed world of Horizon, challenge yourself to find the most stunning shots using the in-game photo mode.

If you manage to snap a photo that would impress gamers and developers alike, you might just win yourself a custom-built PC inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn.

The most fun part of this challenge consists of diving into the action-packed world of Horizon Zero Dawn, battling the Machine beasts, proving your archery skills as Aloy, and engaging with the various tribes.

As you evade enemies left and right, look for an opportunity to capture the perfect moment using the in-game photo mode. Once you’ve snapped your best photo, here’s what you need to do next:

  • Share your masterpiece on Instagram or Twitter

  • Tag @PCGamer, @PlayStation and use hashtag #HZDPhotoChallenge on your shared photos.

The breathtaking design of the PC at the center of this competition incorporates the aesthetics of both the majestic wild world of Horizon Zero Dawn and its Machine creatures. It will exude that nature-meets-technology feel that’s so prevalent in the award-winning RPG.

The winner will snag a custom PC that will include an AMD Ryzen 3950X processor and high-end Nvidia graphics card on a custom watercooling loop along with 32GB of memory and 4TB of solid-state storage, plus a custom Corsair keyboard and mouse, both of which will stick to the PC’s unique design ethos.

You’ll have your chance to submit photos until August 24th. On August 26th, the top 20 images will be selected and shared in this article on PC Gamer. Your friends, family, and even your pet will have a week to vote for their favorite images.

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