Purchase Valorant Skins at the Valorant Night Market for almost half the price

Purchase Valorant Skins at the Valorant Night Market for almost half the price

Riot Games has decided to add Night Market to Valorant that will present players with some amazing discounts on some of the premium skins that have so far been released in the game.

The Night Market will bring six random skins to the store for a discounted price and the discounts are randomly generated too. If you are lucky enough the random skin can be an older skin you have been craving for to arrive in the store.

This is similar to the My Shop feature feature in League of Legends, so it won’t refresh daily as the standard store does.

“The Agents & elites who frequent the market enjoy a discount for their discretion — it’s not uncommon to see weapons with price cuts of up to 50 percent… just don’t ask where they came from."

If you are lucky enough you can earn discounts up to 50%, that means someone could grab the Vandal or Phantom of the new skin collection Winterwunderland, for as low as 638 Valorant Points.

However, the chances of getting a 50 percent discount are too slim and players can expect 20% or 40% offers that don't sound that appealing for a discount but can still help out adding new skins to your collection.

Skins in Valorant are quite detailed and well thought out. These skins really make it feel like you've spent your money on something good. With the store, you can find some of the classics such as Oni Phantom, or even the Prime Vandal at extremely reasonable rates.

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