PUBG PC has sold 70 million copies

PUBG PC has sold 70 million copies

Just over three years after it launched, PUBG has sold 70 million copies. That's excluding the very popular mobile version: the 70 million figure applies to the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions combined, according to

The game pretty much brought the Battle Royale genre to the average gamer. In many ways, PUBG is the quintessential BR game, without which many other BR games probably wouldn't even exist.

A milestone for PUBG

Naturally, the pace of sales has slowed since its Early Access debut in early 2017 – PUBG Corp reported 50 million sales in June 2018. But in an age of very powerful free-to-play competitors like Fortnite and Apex Legends, it's not shabby at all, and despite losing the battle royale spotlight it's community is thriving.

The shooter's mobile version is faring well, arguably better: as of June last year it had amassed 400 million downloads, with 50 million daily active users.

On both fronts, PC as well as mobile, the game seems to be doing reasonably well. On PC, while there is a lot of competition, the game manages to hold its own and provide some fun filled gameplay moments to players.

On Mobile, the game is a huge hit, primarily because of the fact that it is free and quite accessible. The game can run on low end smartphones too, which has led to more people downloading it.

PUBG Corp announced today that the game's next season, Season 8, will launch on July 22. It'll boast a remastered Sanhok map and loot-filled trucks.

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