Portal 2 Reloaded mod gives you a completely unexplored way to play the game

Portal 2 Reloaded mod gives you a completely unexplored way to play the game

Portal 2 is often regarded as one of the best genre-defining games in the puzzle-platformer category. The game is well known for its simple but hard to master mechanics and a straightforward story with a twist at the end.

Now, a user has reimagined the way we played Portal 2 with the help of a new mod called Portal Reloaded, which will be out on Steam in 2021. With the upcoming mod, not only do you manipulate space, but also time.

Portal 2 Reloaded mod details

Portal 2 is a rather complex puzzle action game. The game has a set of intricately designed levels, which make the game even more complex. With the help of a portal gun, your goal is to reach the end of each lab.

With Portal Reloaded, you get an additional choice- the mod adds a Triple Portal Device that, as well as the familiar blue and orange portals, also shoots a rectangular green portal that takes you 20 years into the future.

Test chambers in the future, distinguishable by their rundown appearance, can be changed by altering test chambers in the present. Objects from the future can also be brought back into the present. This makes for some exciting and unique plays.

Portal Reloaded is the work of modder Jannis Brinkmann, who has been working on the project since 2014. It will contain 25 puzzles and a "small and contained story", which is delivered through more than 100 custom voice lines.

After so many years, it will be refreshing to see and play Portal 2 in a new way.

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