No Man's Sky gets major visual overhaul for next generation consoles and high end PCs

No Man's Sky gets major visual overhaul for next generation consoles and high end PCs

Popular space exploration and cosmic survival game, No Man's Sky will soon be getting an update for next-generation console compatibility and better visuals on these consoles as well as high-end PCs.

The visual update to the game is coming to both the new upcoming consoles- the Xbox Series X and S and the Sony Playstation 5. Apart from that, No Man's Sky update will also feature new worlds, new co-op mode and even better procedurally generated worlds and environments.

No Man's Sky has redeemed itself of it's rocky start

When No Man's Sky first came out, the game was a glitchy, buggy mess. Over the years, however, the team behind it has been reimagining the game and through several updates, they have made the game at par with what was promised before release.

With the new visual updates, you will find that the density of detail models like grass, rocks, fungi and weird space hexagons has been ramped right up, while there's been a general bumping-up of draw distances for all objects.

Apart from that, the models, lighting, shadows, texture definition has also been "significantly increased" for newer PCs and next-generation consoles. Overall, there are bug fixes and improvements that make the game run a lot better than before.

For aerial combat and manoeuvrability, target locking in orbital dogfights has been tightened up, several icons have been updated, and a major bug has been fixed.

No Man's Sky's next generation update will be available to all users on a PS4 or on an Xbox One X for free when the consoles are finally out.

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