New update on PUBG PC goes live on test servers; adds new weapon, decoy grenade

New update on PUBG PC goes live on test servers; adds new weapon, decoy grenade

A new mid season update to the original PC version of PUBG has made its way into the test servers of the game. If you own the game, you can download and play the test servers to try out all the new updates.

Update v8.2 is now live and it has brought some new things to PUBG. For starters, there is an all new weapon- the MG3 LMG, which is akin to the DP-28 and the M249, both of which are LMGs. There is also an addition of a new decoy grenade, which might come in clutch.

Try out new v8.2 features now on PUBG test servers

The new MG3 LMG is now available in Battlegrounds Care Packages. It is a fast firing Light Machine Gun. With two different rates of fire, a bipod for stability, tracer rounds to help you keep track of your spray, and increased weapon damage to vehicles, there’s a new reason to fight over the big red box.

The MG3 comes with a 1.25x damage multiplier when shooting vehicles. This could be a game changer for those late game situations when one squad has the upper hand as they use vehicles to push areas.

The new throwable is the decoy grenade, which will help you disorient your opponent and come up with high IQ plays on the fly. These 'nades will surely give you some sort of a tactical advantage. Players can get pretty creative with something like this too. On the topic of throwables, the entire selection wheel has been revamped to give a cleaner look.

Interestingly, some weapons have been remodeled to look and feel better. These include the classic M416, SKS and the beloved Kar98k sniper rifle. Along with their visual update, firing sounds of these weapons have also been overhauled.

There are also some minor map changes, which you will notice once you pick up the game and play it for yourself.

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