Minecraft on Windows 10 now officially supports ray tracing

Minecraft on Windows 10 now officially supports ray tracing

After a long wait and months of teasing, Minecraft's Ray Tracing mode has finally been taken out of its beta state. If you managed to snag one of the new RTX 30 series GPUs and want to put it through its paces, Minecraft may be a good way to check it out.

All versions of Minecraft, the survival world building game on Windows 10 will now support ray tracing technology. Even if you have a last generation Nvidia RTX 20 series GPU, you will be able to experience the game in its full ray traced glory.

What's new in Minecraft RTX?

As per Nvidia's post, ray tracing and DLSS have been added to the latest version of the game and these two settings will be available to all players on Windows 10. Keep in mind that to experience the ray tracing technology, you will need to have at least an Nvidia RTX 20 series GPU to make the most out of the DLSS technology.

Essentially, the ray tracing technology in Minecraft will help provide realistic lighting and reflection effects in all worlds. To show this off, there are two prebuilt worlds you can explore.

To celebrate the launch of Minecraft ray tracing, there are two new fully ray traced worlds.

One of the world maps is Colosseum, which lets you explore a Romanesque landscape rendered with lush natural lighting and good reflections on water. The second world, Dungeon Dash, is set to arrive sometime “soon” and includes 10 dungeons to dash through.

Not only is the ray tracing capability enhanced by the DLSS technology that Nvidia uses, but there is also a Minecraft glow up which gives the classic old game a new and revamped look. Interestingly, you can't just turn any world into an RTX world, without a bit of tweaking here and there.

You can play all ray tracing worlds and maps on Realms and servers with other gamers using cross-platform Minecraft Bedrock game clients (e.g. Minecraft on Nintendo Switch), and everyone can collaborate, build and explore together.

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