Middle East servers for Valorant are finally here

Middle East servers for Valorant are finally here

It's not a dream or a fantasy- Middle East Servers are live

Valorant has announced that Middle East servers for the game are here and will be going live in 3 hours. Riot was not able to launch middle east servers when the game was launched back in June due to the ongoing pandemic. Over the past few months, the developer has been making various announcements regarding the middle east servers coming soon before the end of the year and now it is finally here.

Usually, Valorant players queueing from the middle east are routed to the European servers, hence most of the players experience high latencies and connectivity issues.

Riot has also made a few other additions- the Arab site for Valorant has also been rolled out to keep the players informed about the world of Valorant in the launguage they love and players will see the addition of Arabic language to the game soon. Arabic Voice Overs of a few agents have been revealed on Valorant Arabia's official Youtube channel, the complete soundtrack is still being worked on.

Riot's main goal is developing the esports scene in the Gulf Region

Riot Games is looking forward to improving the gaming experience and making it smoother, and the Gulf Cooperation Counsil countries will be among the first to start noticing these changes.

Riot's main goal is to develop the esports scene in this region as Riot does not want to be negligent about the talent in that region and hence they are paving way for middle eastern players to take part in the recently announced Valorant First Strike Championship.

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