Microsoft Flight Simulator gets real time snowfall in new update

Microsoft Flight Simulator gets real time snowfall in new update

Real locations, real weather, real snow

Microsoft Flight Simulator was one of the best surprises of 2020. The game has hyper real graphics and uses satellite imagery to realistically render locations on the Earth. The flight simulation game has been lauded for this aspect and several others such as the real time weather system as well as realistic flight controls.

Now, the weather system has got a minor update, which adds real time snow to the game. You can go ahead and enjoy the white, snowy skies and sights over the Northern Hemisphere as it snows down on the cities below.

Real time snow is now a thing in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flying over the serene vistas of Northern Europe, Upper Canada, high altitude areas of Russia, checking out the sights in Norway, and watching the sun set over the icy mountains of the Swiss Alps is now all made even more realistic.

As it is winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, if you fly your aircraft over any of the high altitude locations, you will notice real time snow, created using data compiled from regularly updated satellite information.

Similarly, if you fly in the Southern Hemisphere during the months following June, you might catch some snow.

Not only will snowfall be generated in such a manner, but mountains will be accurately capped with ice, lakes and water bodies will be frozen just the right amount.

The best part is that despite having realistic weather systems, you can control the weather, so if you want clear skies, with snowy mountains and frozen lakes, you can have that too.

Incidentally, Microsoft Flight Simulator recently got a free VR update in December. The update takes the realism and the level of flight simulation to new heights. If you've always dreamt of being a pilot, then the VR version of the game is something you shouldn't miss out on.

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