Killjoy disabled in Valorant due to game-breaking Turret bug

Killjoy disabled in Valorant due to game-breaking Turret bug

Turrets could be placed under the map by standing on specific areas

Killjoy- Valorant's Sentinel-class agent has been temporarily disabled as her Turret bug- that allowed it to be placed under the map has returned.

The bug allowed players to place the turret under the map without enemies being able to see the turret and it would still shoot the enemies anywhere on the map.

Killjoy's signature ability is her Turret, which fires at enemies in a 180-degree area in front of it, dealing 11 damage per shot. The turret usually has 125 health, meaning enemy players can take down the machine easily. By hiding the turret under the map, the turret becomes basically invincible.

Many players started taking competitive advantage of this glitch as not only is it impossible for opponents to destroy the turret, players can machine to gather valuable intel about the enemy team as Killjoy can see where the turret turns to when it starts shooting at opponents.

Numerous reports were coming from Haven where the turret could be placed underground near C Garage making it almost impossible for attackers to take control over A site or C site. There is a spot on Bind too, near B tubes which made it impossible to take control of B site and A short.

Riot has said in a tweet that this bug was not intended by the devs working on the patch who are trying to get it fixed at the earliest, but until then Killjoy will be temporarily disabled from the agent pool.

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