Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan, retires from CS:GO to play Valorant

Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan, retires from CS:GO to play Valorant

Like many others, 'steel' is leaving Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a future in Valorant.

Steel has been an active pro player since 2009 and has played for teams like Dignitas, Ghost, and Chaos- his current team. Steel is mostly known for his part in the North American match-fixing scandal in 2015 and had received an indefinite ban from taking part in any Valve sponsored events.

Chaos had promised it's fans that they will make an announcement soon about steel's replacement. Many had speculated that he will be switching to Valorant.

On September 1, Chaos announced that steel will be step down from CS:GO and will be joining 100 Thieves' Valorant roster

100 Thieves adds steel to their roster

Although his contract with Chaos is yet to expire, 100 Thieves has already made a tweet saying that steel will be joining their Valorant roster to play alongside players like Hiko and nitr0.

Steel has been developing young players since 2017 and is one of the best the In-game leaders in NA. If steel retires from CS:GO it will not only affect Chaos but it will also affect the North-American CS:GO scene as the region has a lack of in-game leaders and has already lost one of it's most successful IGL nitr0, who retired from Team Liquid CS:GO to play Valorant for 100 thieves.

The veteran has led Chaos to get some pretty decent results, taking the team to a first-place finish in Season 34 of ESEA Premier North America earlier in 2020 and to a semifinal berth in ESL One: Cologne North America. Mexican pro-Edgar "MarKE" Maldonado will join Chaos once steel retires.

Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan, retires from CS:GO to play Valorant
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