Hitman 3 is up for pre orders right now with some incredible bonuses!

Hitman 3 is up for pre orders right now with some incredible bonuses!

The Standard Edition gives you access to the Trinity Collection and the Deluxe Edition adds even more goodies.

The world's deadliest assassin- Agent 47 is coming back to our consoles and PCs on January 20, 2021 in IO interactives upcoming game, Hitman III. The game is up for pre orders right now and there are some really cool bonuses to be had, not only for the deluxe edition, but for the standard edition as well.

Hitman III is going to push the limits of the series' already stealth-sandbox sort of game style which has been finely honed and refined over the years. Hitman III will bring certain new visuals as well as dynamics to the game. If you're interested in pre ordering the game, then check out the benefits here.

Get outfits, weapon skins and matching briefcases by pre ordering

The game is set to release for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. On PCs, the game will be an Epic Games' Store exclusive and will cost $60. The price to pre order the standard edition of the game for all consoles- last gen and current gen caps at $60, while the deluxe edition pre order will put you back by $80.

Standard Edition Bonuses: Trinity Pack

The bonuses and the benefits which you will get by pre ordering the standard edition includes the trinity pack. This packs three bespoke suits for Agent 47 in the colours Red, Black and White. Along with these suits, you also get matching weapon skins for Agent 47's legendary silenced Desert Eagle side arm. Furthermore, you also get a briefcase to match your preferred outfit.

For a standard edition pre order bonus, that is actually quite a lot. Additionally, another pre order bonus across the standard and deluxe edition is that if you buy a copy of the game for PS4 or Xbox One, you will be able to upgrade it into a new-gen console version.

Deluxe Edition Bonuses: Trinity Pack and lots more

By spending just $20 more on a pre order, you can get the deluxe edition of the game, which comes with the Trinity Pack (mentioned above), an additional 3 extra outfits (and other items) for Agent 47, each completely unique and different, a digital book about the World of Hitman, Digital Soundtracks and quite a few more things.

The deluxe edition pre order bonus will also give you access to Deluxe Escalations, which are basic assassination missions with some stipulations and rules to be followed, which can change the way you approach your target.

You can pre order Hitman III for PS4 here and for Xbox Consoles here.

You can pre order the deluxe edition of Hitman III for PS4 here.

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