Hitman 3 gameplay trailer reveals Agent 47 in an all new setting

Hitman 3 gameplay trailer reveals Agent 47 in an all new setting

Yesterday, IO Interactive entertainment gave us one of the first gameplay trailers of their upcoming title Hitman 3. Earlier this year, they had showcased some areas and locations from Hitman 3, but this is the first comprehensive look that we have got at the upcoming Agent 47 game.

The trailer is about telling people that this is the same game that they love- with loads of options and ways to play your game the way you want to- with new locations, better graphics and improved mechanics. Hitman 3 will be out for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series consoles on 20 Jan, 2021.

What's coming in Hitman 3?

The trailer shows various locations- Dubai, China and England- to be precise. Earlier this year, IO interactive had showcased a trailer specifically to show off new locations such as Chongqing, Dubai, and England in full ray traced capacities. From these gameplay trailers, we can see that ray tracing is the main focus of attention at least in the environments.

The trailer further goes on to show how the player can mix and match a variety of play styles to meet the end result. The freedom of classic Hitman games is very much present in this iteration of Agent 47. This time around, game mechanics have been slightly tweaked to give the player a better experience.

Apart from that, the trailer goes on to show that Hitman 3 is really the best way you can live out your creative modern age assassin fantasy. The locations, maps and other regions all go towards your very own sandbox experience where you can do things the way you want to.

Check out the trailer below.

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