GTA Online latest update brings back Diamonds and new bonus awards

GTA Online latest update brings back Diamonds and new bonus awards

GTA Online is one of the best and most thriving online games right now. The game offers a great online expereince filled with fun activities and things to do along with your friends in the city of Los Santos. Now, with the latest update, Diamonds are coming back to the game.

The update will also bring bonus rewards in Casino Story missions which are baked in to GTA Online along with a lot of other in game goodies. So, here's everything you need to know about GTA Online's upcoming weekly update.

Here's everything that was added

Diamonds are back to the game by popular demand. Diamonds have returned to the game’s Casino Heist as loot this week, which means there's a chance to scoop up some awesome rewards for completing it.

A GTA Online dataminer by the name of Tez2 also stated that the weekly update also brings a 75% discount on the cost of your Casino Heist setup. If you're looking to go on some high octane adventures with your friends in Los Santos, this should help you out.

As for the bonus rewards which can be earned for completeing online Casino Heists, these give you double in game cash and RP. The GTA Online podium car this week is the all-terrain Zhaba vehicle, which is perfect for wreaking havoc all over the city.

Apart from that, there will also be discounts on vehicles such as the Everon, Komoda, Retinue, Retinue Mk II, and Rebla GTS vehicles.

This weekly update is certainly bringing a lot of new things to GTA Online and we can't wait to play it for ourselves.

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