Fall Guys is getting a DOOM Crossover update this January

Fall Guys is getting a DOOM Crossover update this January

Devolver Digital's unique take on the battle royale genre with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was a huge hit. The game was lauded for its simple but extremely fun gameplay and hours upon hours of competition and collaboration between friends.

The battle royale game made a mark for itself and has collaborated with other games to give players limited time modes, exclusive cosmetics and more. The latest such collaboration from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout comes with the popular FPS action shooter DOOM. Starting January 12, you will be able to claim DOOM themed cosmetics in the game.

Teaser Trailer shows Fall Guys in a DOOM like universe

In a teaser trailer posted by Devolver Digital, characters from the Fall Guys universe are seen climbing a rugged looking map which seems heavily inspired by the hellish levels in DOOM. Along with that, you also have the heavy metal DOOM music playing in the background, which seems slightly misplaced, but fits the theme well.

Additionally, one of the Fall Guys is also seen wearing Doom Slayer's iconic outfit, while several others are seen dressed like the bad guys (demons) in DOOM. Fans of DOOM are going to want to get at least one of these cosmetics which are coming to the game starting January 12, 2021.

The cosmetics will be available in the In-game store and you'll have to shell out a good amount of crowns to purchase them. However, we don't know how long the cosmetics will stay in the store, so be sure to grab it while you can.

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