eSamurai returns with a new CS:GO Roster

eSamurai returns with a new CS:GO Roster

eSamurai games is finally back with a new lineup after they had to disband their CS:GO roster due to the ongoing pandemic

eSamurai games is an upcoming Indian e-sports organization. Initially the org was founded as a CS:GO team. It later began its operations as on org. In the past eSamurai has partnered with Vel0city, one of the most recognized Indian CSGO player, from there they managed to play in ESL IP Challengers Series Winter Split in January by picking more Talented CSGO players Like Revolt, Anaiz, Badlove and JuvenN.

Due to the ongoing pandemic eSamurai had to disband their CS:GO roster as their financial situation became unstable. They are finally back with a brand new roster who are ready to dominate the Indian CS:GO Scene.

eSamurai's CEO expects their new roster to qualify ESL IP Masters


When eSamurai's previous CS:GO team was disbanded earlier, they were more focused on other esports titles like Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, PUBG and more. Since situations have started to revive, eSamurai games signed a new CS:GO roster to enter the Indian CS:GO scene again. The new roster consisting of players like Karan "Sneezy" Jolly, Rohit "Brock" Singh, Shubham "Delp4n" Sawant, Vishwesh "Cyclone" W, Aditya "ShockLa" Achrekar and Nikhil "rebOrN".

In an interview with the CEO of eSamurai games we asked Charnjit Singh Mudhar about his expectations from the new roster,he said "My current expectation from the team is to qualify for ESL IP Masters, and perform well in upcoming CSGO Tournaments LAN & Online. With proper support & Practice i believe we can reach to the top level of CSGO in India, from there its all about performing on the international stage."

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