EA Play for Game Pass on PCs delayed until 2021

EA Play for Game Pass on PCs delayed until 2021

Earlier this year, Microsoft had announced that EA Play would soon become a part of Game Pass on Windows PCs. Now, the company has revealed that EA Play on Game Pass for PC won't come out until 2021.

Along with this, Microsoft has also announced that they will reveal more details regarding EA Play on Game Pass by next year. This information was given in a statement via Xbox News Wire. The initial goal was to have EA Play running on Game Pass for PCs by this month.

Here's what Microsoft had to say about the delay

In the statement, Microsoft announced "When we originally set out to write this blog post, which would announce the availability of EA Play on PC with Xbox Game Pass, it looked a little bit different. Unfortunately, what had been a celebratory post is now one asking for a little more patience."

For the uninitiated, EA Play is a service from Electronic Arts which gives you access to a host of games published, developed and distributed by EA. This includes full games and demos of games which are yet to come out.

The goal was to integrate EA Play games into Microsoft's Game Pass service to provide users with a more varied variety of games to pick from. As of now, EA Play games can be accessed using Game Pass service on Xbox consoles.

The PC version of EA Play on Game Pass will come some time in 2021, Microsoft confirmed. Though the actual date is rather vague, the service will most certainly go live in 2021.

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