Dontnod Studios currently working on 6 games of different genres

Dontnod Studios currently working on 6 games of different genres

The minds behind some of the most interesting story driven games out there- Dontnod studios is reportedly working on six different titles. Those who are familiar with Dontnod's work will certainly jump with excitement upon hearing this.

Dontnod Studios is based in Paris and is behind games such as Life is Strange, Tell Me Why, and the Victorian RPG- Vampyr. As you can see, Dontnod studios has a slew of really diverse games in their catalogue. So, here's what we know about the 6 games that the studio is reportedly working on.

Dontnod studios is working on expansive ideas

In a report by GamesBeat, Dontnod's CEO Oskar Guilbert stated that the studio currently has six games in production, he explained the kind of games it's making might surprise people. Dontnod studios already has a range of titles under its belt.

Now, the studio is venturing into lands unexplored. The goal is to provide the player with a new kind of game, which can hopefully question the existing games and their impact on players.

"We don't want to stick to the same thing every time," Guilbert said. "We innovate. We are reinventing ourselves in terms of quality, mechanics, and technology. Finding new ways of telling stories is really important."

From the interview, it is quite clear that Dontnod is interested in creating deeply story driven games in the form of action adventure games or RPGs.

To assist with the increased production, Dontnod is adding a new studio in Montreal with another 50 employees, which will bring its total staff to over 300.

Dontnod's next game is Twin Mirror, a detective story about an investigative journalist with a mind palace and an alter ego who "pops up at key moments in the game that have you making important decisions, with choices that impact the rest of the game."

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