Developers at Guerrilla Games respond to Horizon Zero Dawn's PC port complaints

Developers at Guerrilla Games respond to Horizon Zero Dawn's PC port complaints

One of the most talked game of the week happens to be a game that came out way back in 2017. The game in question: Horizon Zero Dawn. The game has just come out for PC and many players are reporting performance issues.

Now, the developers at Guerrilla Games have responded to those saying that this is a 'lazy port of a good game'. So, here's what you need to know about the PC version of the game and what the developers are saying.

A mixed bag of reviews on Steam

Steam's user reviews for Horizon Zero Dawn are currently sitting at "mixed", with complaints of crashing the most common and others saying things like "Performance is terrible" and "Love the game but man is the pc port bad".

It seems that the developers have not optimized the game well enough. However, Decima engine is one that doesn't even require the most beastly specifications to run. So what went wrong?

Developers Guerrilla have released a statement regarding these complaints, saying that "we are investigating your reports as our highest priority."

They go on to say, "We appreciate those who have already taken the time to report their issues on Steam, Reddit, or via our website. If you are still encountering crashes or bugs, please continue to use those spaces, or refer to our FAQ if you are unsure of how to proceed. Your reports are, and have already been, incredibly helpful for our teams."

It seems that the developers will put out patches and updates which should help with performance issues on a range of PCs.

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