Counter Strike turns 20: Here's an overview of the game that started it all

Counter Strike turns 20: Here's an overview of the game that started it all

The King of Competitive Shooters

On November 9, 2000- 20 years ago the very popular Half-Life mod created by Jess Cliffe and Minh Le was released as a separate game called Counter-Strike by Valve.

Today Counter-Strike is one of the biggest esports out there and will remain a staple amongst gamers for another 20 years. Almost every FPS gamer has played Counter-Strike and fallen in love with it. Happy Birthday to this veteran!

This game has been played for longer than many modern gamers have even been alive. 20 years after it was first released, it's crazy to think about the impact Counter-Strike has had on video games in general.

Since then, the game has received several changes and has been re-released in newer versions, but it is still the very same foundation with terrorists and counter-terrorists. The latest version of Counter-Strike is Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CS: GO, which is one of the most played competitive shooters today.

Here's How CS:GO is celebrating 20 years of Counter Strike

Valve has released a new retro version of the Dust II map. The map has been made available in the Casual Dust 2 map group. It's an enduring way to celebrate Counter-Strike's 20th birthday.

Dust II is one of the most iconic maps of the game. The map is so popular amongst gamers non-CS players- who haven't played the game are aware of it and some have also recreated the map in other games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

Counter-Strike is the game that introduced us to the '5v5 shooter' concept and many other competitive shooters we play today like Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege are based on this concept.

Even though the modern version of Counter-Strike is way different than the earlier versions of Counter-Strike like version 1.6 from the outside, it's the same as it has ever been — a game about Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists buying guns and doing their best. Here's to 20 more years, Counter-Strike!

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