BioWare's Anthem to get a revamped Javelin class in upcoming update

BioWare's Anthem to get a revamped Javelin class in upcoming update

BioWare's looter-shooter action game, Anthem came out to the public earlier last year. The game was quite hyped, mainly because of its environment, its gameplay and interesting take on loot and gunplay.

Upon release, however, the game was nowhere near what fans have speculated. Forward to 2020, BioWare had confirmed that they would add changes to the game which shift the fundamental gameplay of it, providing a better experience. In a recent blog, BioWare has detailed how these changes will work.

The Javelin Class is the first step towards realizing a better world for Anthem

As per the developers, fans were not happy with the Javelin class in the game. To counter that, the developers are offering new gameplay opportunities with the rework of the Javelin class operator.

One of the core changes here is to the skill tree. The goal is to encourage player creativity, choice and experimentation when it comes to loadouts. Anthem is a looter shooter, meaning that you would want to experiment with loads of different combos before settling on one.

Additionally, you will now be able to switch between mods and abilities on the fly and enhance your overall skills. The skill tree itself will provide new options and gameplay opportunities.

Javelins will now also have a powerful artifact, which can be customized and have multiple specializations.

All in all, the goal is to make Anthem a more accessible game for the upcoming console generations and for the existing ones as well.

You can read the full changes here.

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