Bioshock 4 likely to be an open world RPG

Bioshock 4 likely to be an open world RPG

A new set of job listings from the developers of the Bioshock series of games has given rise to speculation regarding Bioshock 4. The developers, Cloud Chamber Games has updated their job listing page and people are working out what the next project will be like.

This time around, the studio is looking to try something new in the Bioshock world it seems. The original trilogy of Bioshock games is regarded as one of the best ever but now, it looks like 2K Games are aiming to shake things up. So, here's what we've gathered from the job listings for Bioshock 4.

What you need to know about Bioshock 4

Bioshock 4 is being developed by Cloud Chamber Games and will be distributed by 2K Games. The job listings on the website for Bioshock 4 require roles such as Senior Voice Designer and Systems Designer. The listing for the Senior Voice Designer requires an “ambitious, narratively-driven project full of character and personality.”

Going by this, it seems like Bioshock 4 is taking a hardcore RPG style. Additionally, on the developer front, the listings state that they are looking for developers with experience working on RPGs so that they may better flesh out the title’s “dialogue systems”.

Earlier this year, a job listing for Lead Environmental Modeller gave us some insight into the world and location of the upcoming Bioshock 4 game. Additionally, this time around, the developers are also looking for a Game AI programmer, which leads us to believe that Bioshock 4 will have a lot more NPCs and will be on a bigger scale.

The new Bioshock game is still in extremely early stages and will remain that way for quite a while at least. However, we are excited to see how the story of Bioshock will carry forward in a new setting.

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