Apex Legends season 6 trailer shows new abilities, revamped World's Edge map and an all new weapon

Apex Legends season 6 trailer shows new abilities, revamped World's Edge map and an all new weapon

Yesterday, Respawn entertainment dropped the trailer for the upcoming season 6 of Apex Legends. The popular battle royale game is getting a new battle pass, a new Legend, a reworked map and, most importantly, a new weapon.

Earlier this week, Respawn gave us a look at the lore aspect of the new Legend- Rampart. That was part of their 'Stories from the Outlands' series, but the new trailer shows a lot more gameplay.

New skins, weapons, Legend and what you need to know

First, we have a new Legend joining the Apex games. From the trailer, Rampart seems to be a defensive sentinel sort of a character, who can hold down areas and make anyone pay for pushing towards her.

Her abilities include lots to do with special weapons that only she can weild. For one, the trailer confirmed that she will be able to set up A-walls, like in Titanfall with mounted turrets, which the whole team can use.

Apart from that, the trailer showed some parts of other abilities that she will be able to use. Almost all of these include high powered tools of destruction. Her addition to the Apex games will surely shake up the meta.

Perhaps one of the most interesting addition to the game is the new weapon. This is the Volt SMG, which is a high rate of fire weapon that uses energy ammo, much like the Havoc, L-Star and Devotion. As of now, we don't know how the weapon plays.

If you're planning on jumping into Season 6, don't be surprised by the changes in World's Edge. For one, existing train tunnels will now be filled with individual cars that'll contain gear and loot. Launch Site is a new area surrounded by lava, west of the Dome.

Then there's Staging, which is a smaller addition close to the middle of the map. Drill Site has been replaced with a different Hammond facility called Countdown, and The Mirage Voyage has also disappeared.


One of the major updates in Season 6 is crafting, and the trailer gives us a good idea of how this will work. An orange capsule labelled as a "Replicator" is shown, offering weapons, armour, ammo and other items in exchange for extracted crafting materials. In the trailer we see a trio interact with the capsule at the same time, before promptly taking on another squad. It's fair to expect these drops to be a hotspot for firefights.

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