Apex Legends' new 'Stories from the Outlands' gives a good look at the new legend and abilities

Apex Legends' new 'Stories from the Outlands' gives a good look at the new legend and abilities

After teasing an all new Legends for the Apex Games a week back, Respawn entertainment is now giving us a good look at this character, he backstory, how she got into the games and more.

The new 'Stories from the Outlands' tale is out now and it focuses on Rampart, the all new legend. From what we can see about her, she is a skilled gunsmith with her own shop. The trailer also shows that she is not to be messed with, as she comes out unscathed after a 1v5 fight.

The new character is bringing an arsenal of lore and weapons with her

The short starts with Bangalore and Gibraltar hanging out at a bar and talking up Rampart’s skills with both wrenches and guns.

Then, a small gang — who seem to be led by a mysterious new figure — shows up at Rampart’s mechanic shop in the middle of the night and Rampart jumps into action.

She activates some of her shop’s defenses, including a heavy turret, but eventually she gets overwhelmed. In a way, this gives us a look at her in game abilities and what she will be able to do.

One of her main traits seems to be setting up a defensive turret. The turret will come with a shield that goes up and protects anything behind it. How it will fit into gameplay is still a mystery. This is most likely Rampart's ultimate ability. As of now, we don't know the capabilities of her full kit.

Towards the end of the cinematic, she is knocked down on her feet and is approached by Blisk, who is thought to be the head of the Apex Games. He then gives her a card, and asks her to join the Apex Games, in an eerily Titanfall 2 manner.

Rampart should arrive at the same time as Apex Legends season 6, which is set to kick off sometime on Aug. 18.

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