Aorus and Intel announce a unique Valorant invitational- Valorant Allstars Showdown

Aorus and Intel announce a unique Valorant invitational- Valorant Allstars Showdown

The tournament will feature the first ever Competitive Spike Rush ever

Valorant is one of the most happening games in the Indian E-sports Ecosystem. Amidst all the action going on in tournaments like The Esports Club Challenger Series and the Nodwin Gaming Valorant Agni Series, Aorus and Intel have decided to introduce something fun and entertaining for the community.

Working along with celebrated influencers and professional players of our country, Aorus in partnership with Intel announced the Valorant Allstars Showdown, an invitational tournament with a unique format, where India's Ten best Valorant Players will be divided into two teams Team Ace and Team Anti, competing for a prize pool of ₹75K, where the winner takes it all. The tournament will also feature the first ever Competitive Spike Rush.

The Aourus x Intel Valorant Allstars Showdown goes live tonight at 8:30 pm. Catch the Tournament live on Aorus Gaming's official FB Page.

India will witness a competitive Valorant spectacle like no showdown before. The best of the best will be at...

Posted by AORUS on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

An all-star showdown by the pros for the community

It's not surprising that Team Velocity and all its players have been invited to take part in the Valorant Allstars Showdown, after all they are the best Valorant team in India. However, in this tournament the members of Velocity Gaming will be competing against each other as they will be split into two sides.

Players from other prominent Valorant Teams from our country have been invited too like Simar "Psy" Sethi from Noble E-sports, Sunny "Deathmaker" Das and Sagnik "Hellfighter" Roy from Global E-sports. Streamers like Mannan "Solo" Arora and Shantanu "Jimmy" Porkute, who have climbed their way up to Radiant on their streams, have also been invited to participate.

Team Ace will be lead Tejas “Rite2Ace” Sawant and Team Anti will be lead by Sabyasachi “antidote” Bose.

Aorus have described Team Ace as the team with Nobility and Velocity at a Global scale, Team Ace. Powered by Excali's unrelenting aggression and psy's tantalizing AWPing style, this team strikes perfect balance with the precise and care-laden playstyle of hellfighter and Jimmy. Plus, they have an Ace up their sleeve. Captained by the first Radiant in India, they will aim to conquer all maps at the Intel x AORUS All-stars Showdown.

Aorus have described Team Anti as the one that has the core of Velocity. Featuring Bold as a Breach, Amaterasu; Alert and Dependable as a Cypher, Vibhor; and the AWPing enigma from the East, Antidote; the lineup is rounded out by cerebral star and the face of Indian CS:GO, DeathMaker along with a Rising star in Solo, who has blitzed his way to Radiant on his streams.

Aorus quotes that the perfect mix of experience, skill and bustle; this group of players will be boisterous as ever in their hunt for victory and success.

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