New agent, new skins leaked for Valorant ahead of upcoming update

New agent, new skins leaked for Valorant ahead of upcoming update

Valorant's Episode Two, Act One drops soon and it will introduce the players to a new battle pass, new skins, and a new agent. Over the past few days, there have been leaks which suggest that the new agent is coming to Valorant is Yoru, a duelist.

Nothing has been confirmed by Riot but according to the leaks, the character will be called Yoru, or Agent 14, as he is labelled in the game's code. He will rely on stealth and will have abilities that will distract the enemy with sound or visual cues. He is also codenamed Stealth in the game's code.

Yoru's Abilities

According to the leak, his Z ability creates step sounds which can be sent ahead to confuse the enemy. Players can also pre-place it with alt-fire and then press F to send the pre-placed one forward. This ability looks similar to what was posted by Twitter user yami which showed footsteps that were being left behind by an invisible figure.

Yoru's X ability is similar to a flashbang which will activate and blind enemies after touching a surface. With his C ability, it seems that Yoru can create portals and send the portal ahead and later activate to teleport through it. With his ultimate, Yoru rips open a void to pull out a mask which when worn, will make him invisible for a short time but it looks like he can still be heard during this time.

*Keybind information has been taken from above screenshot, in which the player has their own set of keybinds.

Battle pass and new skins

The leak also shows new content that will be added to the game with the battle pass which includes skins for weapons like Bulldog, Phantom, Spectre and Guardian. It looks like players will also be able to get their hands new gun buddies.

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