YouTuber BeYouNick to host a high stakes PUBG Mobile match worth ₹10 Lac

YouTuber BeYouNick to host a high stakes PUBG Mobile match worth ₹10 Lac

BeYouNick, a YouTuber from India has promised go to host a single PUBG Mobile game where he will give away $135 per kill, and a total of $13,500 (₹10 Lac) as prize pool.

This is not a tournament, just a single match worth the gigantic prize money. Not much has been revealed as of now, but here are all the details that we know.

BeYouNick pulls a smart move to revive his vlogging channel and engage the audience

Nick recently uploaded a new video on his vlogging channel after eight months and he has most unique plan to bring back his almost dead channel by transforming it into vlog/gaming channel now. Nick is seen with the top brass of Global Esports discussing gaming and how he should transform his channel.

Nick introduces his idea of a match with $135 per kill to the panel and they are visibly shocked with this idea. He also brings up the topic of bringing Scout, Mortal and Mumbaikar Nikhil as his team and later on approaches each of them and gets their confirmation.

Pro PUBG Mobile players are also seen baffled on a call where Nick cites that this crazy idea will become a big hit in the future. Nick plans a virtual meet and greet in the form of a PUBG Mobile game where $13,500 are at stake.

As of now, there is no information on when the match will take place, how to participate for it and other such details. All we know is that this will not be a tournament, rather a single game with ₹10,00,000 on the line, and ₹10,000 per kill.

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