Tencent puts an end to PUBG Mobile in India

Tencent puts an end to PUBG Mobile in India

Earlier last month, on September 02, 2020, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology imposed a ban on Tencent Published games- PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite.

At the time, PUBG Mobile was the biggest game in India, on all platforms. Upon its release two years back, the game was a great hit with the masses. Now, in an official statement, Tencent games announced that they would be terminating server services for users in India.

The end of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite services in India is here

The reason behind this move is that players in India are still able to access the game and play it. The app can be downloaded from third-party websites, but once services are terminated by the publisher, players in India will not be able to play.

For now, this seems to be the end of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite in India. India was one of the biggest platforms for the game all over the world, with many esports tournaments kicking off and a vibrant content creation scene.

Earlier, there were reports of PUBG Corp in talks with Jio and Airtel to distribute the game to the Indian market, seeing as how popular it was. However, there is no word or confirmation on the same as of yet.

At any rate, PUBG Mobile players are migrating to other games and giving a shot to those games that were left unplayed. As of now, the trending game is Call of Duty Mobile, which offers a great gaming experience.

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