Stalwart Esports announces their roster for FreeFire Indian Championship 2020

Stalwart Esports announces their roster for FreeFire Indian Championship 2020

With an experienced roster and a newly found talent, Stalwart Esports eyes for the Champion Tag.

Stalwart Esports has announced its team for the FreeFire Indian Championship 2020 that is set to be held on October 18. With this addition, Stalwart marks its entry into FreeFire Esports and looks forward to making an impression in this new ecosystem.

Though Stalwarts is new to FreeFire, the team has already carved its name as champions in the recent XTZ FreeFire tourney. They also ended up at the second position in the FFIC League stage and secured a direct slot in the FFIC Grand Finals.

STE Hayleyy- Stalwart's Lady Fortune

Stalwart has found its Lady fortune for its roster through Shomita “STE-Hayleyy” Chakraborty. With a strong credence in women empowerment, Stalwart aims to promote female participation in Esports. This has solidly communicated Stalwart’s message in bracing gender equality and we could expect other teams to follow this path.

The team is poised with many exceptionally skilful talents. Among them, STE-MRJay and STE-Indro stand tall and we could expect to see some spellbinding maneuvers from them. The complete roster is as below-

  • STE-Barcaboi

  • STE- Indro

  • STE-Illuminati

  • STE-Nivesh

  • STE-MRJay

  • STE-Hayley

  • STE-Ginotra

A word from the Founder and COO

“This team has been extremely outstanding.” says Zeyan Shafiq, Founder of Stalwart Esports. “We’ve seen their performance [in the recent tourneys] and [are impressed with] their results. With this addition, we’re looking forward to dominate the FreeFire Esports and clutch the championship.”

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” says Dhwanil Patel, COO of Stalwart Esports. “The level of coordination these guys show is tremendous and I’m sure they’ll put up an exciting fight.”

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