Stalwart becomes the only organization in India to participate in the PMPL South Asia S2

Stalwart becomes the only organization in India to participate in the PMPL South Asia S2

Stalwart Esports came up with an amazing strategy in order to safeguard their spot in PMPL South Asia Season 2

On September 2, the Government of India decided to ban the Tencent run mobile shooter PUBG Mobile in the country. Due to this, PUBG Corporation had no other choice than to bar the Indian teams that were qualified for PMPL 2020 – South Asia, Season 2 to participate in it. This has put many esports organizations in a tough spot as a huge amount of money was spent on preparing players for PMPL S2.

Stalwart esports a professional Esports organization, headquartered in India had decided that they won't give up their slot hence they started hunting for talents in other South Asian countries. Earlier they planned to sign up a team from Nepal. But this plan did not work out and Stalwart had to find another team in a short period of time before they would lose their slot. And that’s when Team Freestyle’s roster approached Stalwart.

Team Freestyle from Pakistan will play under Team Stalwart with the title STEfs.

Team Freestyle is one of the most dominant teams in Pakistan. They are the PMCO Spring Split, 2020- Pakistan, and had qualified for and played in the PUBG Mobile World League East. They have also secured a slot for Peacekeeper Elite Championship, scheduled on 14th November in China with a massive prize pool of $30,00,000.

Although, Team Freestyle’s roster ended up as #9 in the PMCO Fall Split 2020- Pakistan, due to network issue in the region and failed to secure a slot for PMPL S2. But their performance in PUBG Mobile World League and PMCO impressed Stalwart and hence Team Freestyle’s roster will play under Team Stalwart with the title STEfs.

The complete roster includes- STEfsBlack, STEfsBaba, STEfsMalik, STEfsKashoof, STEfsBlade and STEfsMorte. The techniques exhibited by STEfsMalik and STEfsBladeOP has made them a deadly duo. This duo along with the other talents of the team would give us a good show without a doubt.

This strategy would be beneficial to both Stalwart Esports, which was looking for a team to play under their slot and Team Freestyle’s roster, which needed a chance to prove its worth.

“As our finances were in lock, we had to find a strategy to deal with the situation,” says Dhwanil, COO of Stalwart Esports. “Also, Team Freestyle’s roster has great talents, which we decided not to let go in vain. This the prime reason for Team Freestyle playing under Stalwart"

“Team Freestyle has an extremely talented roster and the boys have proved it time to time [in their previous tournaments].” says Zeyan Shafiq, Founder of Stalwart Esports. “Also, this line-up is well experienced and we’re looking forward to getting good results with them.”

“No one cares for the runners up team.” says STEfsMalik, Captain of the team. “Fans only remember the team who makes an impact. And in this PMPL- South Asia S2, we’ll be remembered as the team, who won the championship.”

You could watch the Grand Finals live on PUBG Mobile’s YouTube Channel. Though PUBG Mobile has been banned in India, the fan base has never faded. The viewership for this massive tournament is expected not to be affected by the ban.

Stalwart becomes the only organization in India to participate in the PMPL South Asia S2
Indian teams prohibited by PUBG Mobile from competing in the PMPL SA Fall Split 2020

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