PUBG Mobile’s Season 13 changes the K/D calculation system and here’s what you need to know

PUBG Mobile’s Season 13 changes the K/D calculation system and here’s what you need to know

With every new season of PUBG Mobile, there are a slew of new features that make their way into the final build. This time, one of the most important changes to the game is the way the K/D ratio of a player is calculated.

New changes to the K/D system

Apart from that, the new season has brought a reworked map and a bunch of other exciting new stuff. However, K/D is a vital statistic to players and if you want to improve your K/D, you simply have to get better at the game.

With the new changes, this is more true than before. Earlier, the way a K/D was analyzed was per match. Consider this- a player lands, loots a bit and camps in a house till the end of the game. The K/D will increase as the player wasn’t killed.

In the new calculation, the total number of matches and kills in a match will come into play. Now, the calculation is more skill based than it used to be. So, camping won’t get you anywhere anymore.

Some tips to improve your K/D

Landing techniques

Try to land in a place which will have at least one other squad. This way, you can start getting kills right from the get go of the game. While landing, also take note of the flight path so you understand where other players may push from.

Then, keep yourself situationally aware. If you’re at the center of the zone and hear teams on both sides, evade as soon as you can so you don’t get caught in the crossfire.

Know your weapons

When pushing for kills, try to choose the weapons that suit your playstyle and the ones you’re best at. The best combos for playing tactically and methodically would be a bolt action sniper and an AR.

If you’re into rushing your enemy, then try running an SMG, AR combo. The rush combo is good for playing aggressively and constantly pushing your oppoents.

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