PUBG Mobile: Tanmay 'sc0ut' Singh departs from Fnatic

PUBG Mobile: Tanmay 'sc0ut' Singh departs from Fnatic

Tanmay 'sc0ut' Singh one of the most celebrated PUBG Mobile professionals of India will be officially parting ways with the British Organization Fnatic.

Fnatic entered the Indian esports scene back in 2019, and they first ventured into PUBG Mobile with sc0ut being a part since Fnatic picked up Team XSpark to mark their debut in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene.

Scout's departure was predicted

The departure was not quite surprising looking at Scout's disputes with the players and management. The infamous Scout-Bhishma Controversy where Scout abused UMumba's Bhishma during a scrim as he was very frustrated and disappointed by his team's performance as a result of which Scout was benched from the roster temporarily.

There have been multiple instances where the players at Fnatic have been pointing out that the roster is better off without Scout.

During a PMPL scrim match, when Team Fnatic got a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with 19 Kills” where FNC Owais clutched the entire game 1v4 with his godlike performance, Team Fnatic showed that they can still dominated games even without their star player Scout.

Scout was also loaned to another organization- Orange Rock and during the PUBG Mobile World League East, Scout performed exceptionally good, a s the roster almost stole the defending champions title from one of the bes teams in the world- Bigetron Red Aliens. This was the best event.

His departure from Fnatic was pretty much predicted by many due to the unprecedented and repeated conflicts between Scout and Fnatic.

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