PUBG Mobile may add an Among Us themed limited time game mode

PUBG Mobile may add an Among Us themed limited time game mode

Who is the Ghost?

PUBG Mobile and Among Us fans may get surprised upon hearing that the two completely different games will possibly be collaborating. According to popular Youtuber Lucky Man, PUBG may receive a new Among Us themed game mode soon.

Lucky Man got early hands on with the supposed Among Us themed game mode which he has demonstrated about in a video. According to him the game mode is called "Who is the Ghost?" Here's everything you need to know about the new game mode.

Who is the ghost Details

According to LuckyMan, the new game mode features two teams: special forces and ghost. Ghost's task is to kill the members of the special forces before they figure out who the ghost is. Another way to find the Ghost is to repair the underground base.

The Ghost resembles the Impostor and the Special Forces reassemble the Crewmates and the new game mode also has an Emergency Meeting button in the middle of the map, making this game mode very similar to Among Us.

The game mode was released first on the beta version of PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version, called Peacekeeper Elite (also known as Game for Peace), and we are not sure if this game mode will be coming to the global version of the game anytime soon.

As of now players can enjoy the upcoming Patch 1.2, which is dropping on January 12. It will bring with it two new modes, a new weapon and a lot of other features.

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