PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update, v0.18.0 officially comes out on May 07

PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update, v0.18.0 officially comes out on May 07

PUBG Mobile fans are always eagerly looking to learn more about upcoming updates to the game. These updates add something new to the game and always bring a slew of changes with them.

Now, PUBG Mobile has officially given us a date for update v0.18.0, which is May 07, 2020. Along with that, they have also tweeted out some information regarding what will be added to the game.

New Weapons

The major things that you need to know is that there is an all new weapon coming to the game. The P90 will be an SMG that should be great at close ranges. Another thing players should know is that the Win94 will now come with a 2.4x scope attatched.

For the full list of updates, check out this article

Miramar 2.0

Apart from that, Miramar is getting a complete overhaul. This means that the developers are trying to get more and more people to play the desert map.

Hardcore fans will know that playing FPS perspective on Miramar is actually quite tough due to the high skill cap.

As for the new Miramar, there seem to be new locations such as a Ruins locale along with a new Race Track. There’s also a new Oasis region to the north of the map.

Vending Machines?

Another addition to the game is vending machines. Players will be able to pay some ammo or other equipment in exchange for attachments and sometimes even rare loot.

At any rate, it seems that the update is just around the corner, so if you were patiently waiting for it, then your time to shine has come!

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