PUBG Mobile Lite Season 17 Winner Pass released: Everything you need to know

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 17 Winner Pass released: Everything you need to know

Pass includes free as well as paid variants

PUBG Mobile Lite provides a similar Battle Royale style gameplay experience as PUBG Mobile. The Season 17 Winner Pass for PUBG Mobile Lite was released earlier today.

PUBG Mobile Lite has a Battle Pass called Winner Pass which is similar to the Battle Pass of the original version of PUBG. The pass features tons of skins, outfits, emotes and more.

All you need to know about the Season 17 Winner Pass

The Winner Pass is a tier-based reward system. Players have to complete various missions to achieve a certain amount of WP points which can be further used to advance to the next level.

The Winner Pass has a free variant and a paid variant. The rewards for free variant of the Winner Pass are quite limited.

  • WP level 1- 500 Battle Points

  • WP level 2- 50 Silver

  • WP Level 3: 2x EXP Card: 1-Hour

  • WP Level 5: Grinning Executioner Hat (Gold)

  • WP Level 7: 2x BP Card: 1-Hour

  • WP Level 9: 65 Silver

  • WP Level 10: Mission Card (Season 17)

  • WP Level 12: 65 Silver

  • WP Level 14: 2x EXP Card: 1-Hour

  • WP Level 15: Wanderer Parachute

  • WP Level 17: 120 Silver

Players can upgrade the WP to Elite Winner Pass for 280 BC and Elite Upgrade Plus for 800 BC. The rewards for paid variant of the Winner Pass are-

  • WP level 1: Grinning Executioner Suit (Gold) and Joyful Twist (Emote)

  • WP level 5: Zombie – Pan

  • WP level 10: Captain Lionheart Headpiece and Wanderer Finish

  • WP level 12: Wanderer Backpack

  • WP level 15: Silver Lion QBZ skin

  • WP level 20: Blazing Lion UAZ skin

  • WP level 25: Captain Lionheart Set

  • WP level 30: Pastoral Girl Set

Season 17 Winner Pass will last for one month

The Winner Pass Season 17 began on 1st October 2020 and will end in a month on 31st October 2020. Players will not be able to claim any rewards after the Pass ends.

The Ranked Season 8 has also just begun, and the ranks and stats have been reset. The Ranked Season will last for three months.

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