PUBG Mobile India: RTI states “No formal dialogue” between PUBG Mobile India and Government

PUBG Mobile India: RTI states “No formal dialogue” between PUBG Mobile India and Government

Numerous other RTIs were filed querying the relaunch of the game

The launch of PUBG Mobile India has been experiencing numerous hurdles from the Government of India, judging by all the statements the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has made in response to the numerous RTI queries filed.

Recently, there has been a new development regarding the delay in launch of PUBG Mobile India.

A new RTI (Right to Information) query filed by GemWire claims the following:

“No formal dialogue between the concerned parties regarding the future of PUBG Mobile India for now.”

The concerned parties in the above RTI reply are PUBG Mobile India and MEITY i.e the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

The RTI questioned “Is there an open dialogue taking place between MEITY and PUBG Corporation/Krafton INC?” for which the above response was recorded.

At the same time, there was another RTI query filed by Gem Wire, on December 17, 2020 which questions "whether PUBG Mobile is banned for access in India." The response gave fans a sign of hope as the Ministry claims that it has not banned the access of PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik App.

An RTI regarding the PUBG Mobile Korea version was also filed by law student Prasoon Shekhar to find out "whether or not people can be prosecuted or penalised for playing the Korean version of PUBG."

The response by the ministry to query was the following:

“MeitY does not ban any App. However blocking of specified Apps was done under the provisions of Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and its Rules namely Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking Access of Information by the Public) Rules, 2009. Section 69A of the Act provides for a penalty to intermediaries for non-compliance of the blocking order. However, no penalty is prescribed for individual users of such Apps”

The first ever RTI query that was filed about PUBG Mobile India, post the announcement of the game in the calender of these 5 months stated:

“In the month of September 2020, the Government of India with the consultation of your Department (MEITY) banned various Chinese apps. One of which was Pubg Mobile Game. Now, there are many news which says that the game is being relaunched and the same is made specifically for the Indian Public and will not be harmful to the nation and its citizens. I would like to know if your department has given any such permission to the game so that it can be re-launched. “

MEITY's responded in a single statement that confirmed the fact that PUBG Mobile India will not be coming to India anytime soon.

“MEITY has not given any permission for launch of PUBG”

Will PUBG Mobile come back to India?

As of now it is viable to say that the game may not be coming back to India anytime soon. However, we hope that the game return to the country as soon as possible.

According to recent rumours floating around the fact there is a new teaser that will be launching between January 15 and January 19, the new teaser may bring with it some good news for PUBG Mobile fans. However take this with a pinch of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

PUBG Mobile India: RTI states “No formal dialogue” between PUBG Mobile India and Government
PUBG Mobile India launch teaser may release this month: report

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