PUBG Mobile India has not received clearance from the Government of India yet

PUBG Mobile India has not received clearance from the Government of India yet

The launch of the game may be delayed

PUBG Mobile was banned in India along with the other Chinese Apps in September and according to the ministry source, ‘there is no change in that stance at this stage’, said the source to InsideSPORT.

According to a report by InsideSport, sources in the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MEITY) have told them that PUBG Mobile India has not received an official clearance or sanction from the Government of India yet, and hence there is no surety that the game will launch soon.

Although we did see that PUBG Mobile India was officially registered as a company on 21st November named PUBG India Pvt. Ltd under the Ministry of Corporate Affair- but this does not mean the game has received approval for launch as it is solely dependent on the decision taken by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and not any other ministry.

“Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating a new company. This even Tik Tok or anyone else can do. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India”, said one of the ministry source to InsideSPORT.

Once the game receives permission from the concerned ministry it will take no time to return.

PUBG Mobile India will launch only if all basic Government compliances are completed

PUBG Mobile India need a GST number. Every business holder gets a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) or a GST Number and hence have to pay the tax too. No organization and business can carry on business without registering under GST guidelines.

Another key thing is the PAN number, Pan can be obtained by Income Tax India e-filing website or using the GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax registration number) of the company.

They also have to comply with the Foreign Direct Investment guidelines of the Indian government for the gaming industry.

For the unaware- PUBG Mobile was banned in India on September 2nd along with the other 118 Chinese Apps due to rising tensions between India and China.

In early November, PUBG Corp. and Krafton announced an Indian version of the game- PUBG Mobile India that will always maintain user privacy and will create a healthy gaming environment. Since this announcement, no real developments have been seen regarding the launch other than coming soon messages and teasers.

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