PUBG Mobile India: Everything in favour and against the launch

PUBG Mobile India: Everything in favour and against the launch

PUBG Mobile was banned in September by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology due to security issues as there were many complaints regarding PUBG Mobile transferring data to foreign servers mostly Chinese in an unauthorized manner.

PUBG Corp. and Krafton now merged into PUBG Studios, then announced PUBG Mobile India- a tailored version of the original game- that features improved in-game content that's in-line with the Indian players.

PUBG Mobile India has been facing many hurdles since then, but let's discuss some positive points that support the return of PUBG Mobile to India.

PUBG Studio partners with Microsoft Azure

PUBG Studio had announced that they will be collaborating with Microsoft's cloud computing service, Microsoft Azure. PUBG Studios has made this move to maximize data security and also allow them to host multiple game titles including popular battle royale PUBG (PC, console) and PUBG Mobile as well.

Microsoft Azure hosts some of the biggest multiplayer games and is one of the best platforms that offer cloud computing services, with the highest standards of security.

PUBG's partnership with Microsoft Azure does assure that the game will mantain user privacy at all times.

PUBG Mobile India registered as an official entity

PUBG Mobile India is officially registered as a company in India that goes by the name of PUBG India Pvt. Ltd with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The company is based out of India's Silicon Valley- Banglore.

According to the registration, the directors of the company will be Kumar Krishnan Iyer- who is also the director of ACCUWEATHER India Pvt. Ltd, and Hyunil Sohn. The authorized capital of the subsidiary is set to INR 15,00,000 with INR 5,00,000 as paid-up.

PUBG Mobile will launch instantly once it completes Government compliances

MEITY has confirmed that it does not grant permission for starting of any websites / mobile Apps/service. Accordingly, MeitY has not granted permission to PUBG / PUBG mobile India.

MEITY has also said that "Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating a new company. This even Tik Tok or anyone else can do. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India”

However, according to a report by InsideSport an official from MEITY has said that PUBG Mobile India will launch instantly only if all basic Government compliances are completed that include the following:

  • PUBG Mobile India needs a GST number. Every business holder gets a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) or a GST Number and hence have to pay the tax too. No organization and business can carry on business without registering under GST guidelines.

  • Another key thing is the PAN number, Pan can be obtained by Income Tax India e-filing website or using the GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax registration number) of the company.

  • They also have to comply with the Foreign Direct Investment guidelines of the Indian government for the gaming industry.

Officials at PUBG India Pvt ltd. and PUBG Studios are trying their best to complete all the government compliances. We do not know how long will the launch take. However, we are definitely sure that PUBG Mobile India will be here sooner or later.

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