PUBG Mobile ban upsets many, pros look to explore new ventures

PUBG Mobile ban upsets many, pros look to explore new ventures

A day after The Ministry of Information and Technology banned PUBG Mobile, it has left the players in quite a tizzy as it was huge source of entertainment for many. The Ministry of Information and Technology issued a statement elaborating their decision.

The decision got mixed reactions. While the ban was certainly not unexpected, it has managed to leave a lot of players and streamers high and dry. On the other hand, parents were certainly happy and have welcomed the decision with open arms.

PUBG Mobile was a source of income

PUBG Mobile was one of the most popular mobile games in India with over 50M downloads and more than 33M active users contributing to its huge success.

PUBG Mobile was also the game of choice for majority of streamers in India who provided entertainment to an audience of thousands every day. The sudden ban has has caused them to express their anger on Twitter and other social media platforms.

What next?

A video posted by Soul Gaming, Naman "Mortal" Mathur comments that as of now, the team is still together but all the tournaments are put on hold. Tanmay "Scout" Singh has also stated that we should 'move on' and accept the decision as it is in favor of our country.

They have hinted on shifting to Valorant and Fall Guys to keep the content coming and to help everyone move on from PUBG Mobile. CoD Mobile is also an option but CoD Mobile is developed by the same Chinese company, Tencent. We never know, it can be the next to go.

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