PUBG goes live with version 7.2, adds ranked mode, bots and more

PUBG goes live with version 7.2, adds ranked mode, bots and more

The quintessential battle royale game, PUBG has been having a rather bumpy ride. With other battle royales coming in, people are shifting to different games. At the same time, PUBG is where it all began and in that light, the developers have come up with update 7.2 of the game.

So, folks, read on to know everything new in PUBG’s update version 7.2, which has just gone live on the main servers.

What’s new?

With this new and updated version of the game, bots are finally being added. This was a rather controversial topic in the PUBG community. Essentially, the addition of bots will make for more full lobbies.

For newer players, it will be easier to get into the swing of things if bots are added to lobbies. Right now, jumping into the same game as an experienced player can be quite a problem.

Bots have been on the console and mobile version of PUBG for this very reason- to give players a chance to understand the game before jumping into high tier games.

Ranked mode

After a long time, Ranked Mode is finally here in PUBG. Matches will feature a maximum of 64 players and there will be no bots. Additionally, players will have to cross a certain level before they can play ranked matches.

Ranked mode will have an overall increase in item loot spawns. There are a total of 6 tiers in the Ranked system (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master) with 5 Divisions (V – I) within each tier. A player’s current rank is determined by their Rank Points (RP) in a given queue. Other ranking factors such as K/D ratio, W/L ratio all come into play.

Weapon balancing

For a long time now, the weapon meta in PUBG has been rather stale. All you need is one sniper rifle and one assault rifle and you can basically mow people down at any range. With the new changes, things are looking different.

M416, M16A4 and SCAR-L now have increased reload times. This should make these weapons a bit less powerful in the early game. M16A4, and MK47 Mutant now have decreased recoil when firing in quick succession in semi-auto and bursts mode. These changes will make the weapons better for long range engagements.

Shotguns in the game have also been nerfed to some extent. While the multiplier has been increased, movement accuracy has been reduced. So be sure to make note of that the next time you want to spam an S12K.

You can check out the complete patch notes for PUBG version 7.2 here.

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