New leaks give us a glimpse into Season 14 of PUBG Mobile

New leaks give us a glimpse into Season 14 of PUBG Mobile

As of now, Season 13 of PUBG Mobile is coming to an end very soon. This means that Season 14 is on its way and we know that many of you just can't wait to see what's in stock.

Thankfully, we have a few leaks which have given us a glimpse into Season 14 of PUBG Mobile. The leaks come to us courtesy of Mr Ghost Gaming on youtube. So, read on to know all about PUBG Mobile Season 14. According to leaks the upcoming season is set to feature the Royale Pass called ‘Spark The Flame’

Season 14: Spark the Flame is coming to PUBG Mobile

Some of the sets leaked seem to be inspired from the Egyptian mythology. The posters, frames, as well as the rewards have been showed in the video. There are new skins, costumes, headgear coming with the next season. As for the trailer it seems to be show the character skins that have been leaked which means that it is possibly real.

As for the details that are confirmed, PUBG Mobile Season 14 will bring the new Livik map. This was only available in closed beta and the devs made it official recently on social media. PUBG Mobile confirmed that the secret map is called Livik Map. And now the developers have shared a new tweet which announces that the upcoming update 0.19.0 will be released on July 7.

Fans will be most excited for the slew of new cosmetics that will come with the Season 14 Royale Pass. You can check those out in the above video.

The new map will also bring some much needed changes. Right off the bat you will notice that it has elements from all the other four maps in each corner. There are some new weapons on this map as well, these include the P90 SMG as well as the SPAS-12 shotgun.

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