Meet Marcos Gaming's PUBG Mobile Roster: The team with 9 tournaments under their belt

Meet Marcos Gaming's PUBG Mobile Roster: The team with 9 tournaments under their belt

Marcos Gaming is bringing the esports culture to India

Marcos Gaming was founded in December 2019 by Sudhir Kulria (founder) and Akhil Kavuturu (co-founder). Marcos Gaming started with PUBG Mobile after acquiring the Zero Degree PUBG Mobile roster. Zero Degree was the team that showed a great performance and skills in PMCO fall split 2019.

Sudhir Kulria says, "The thought behind making this team is their aggressiveness which we liked a lot and the man behind the team, the IGL Mr. Surya. This guy has great potential, capabilities, hunger to win, and a vision that a team wants in their IGL. So I can say that he’s a true leader. The journey of Marcos Gaming started with this guy and his team and we love him a lot.

Our goal is to provide a proper Esports environment to the Indian gaming community. Marcos Gaming believes in making a family and not just teams and we always try to provide a better and friendly environment to every athlete. So every team under Marcos Gaming as of now is a family to us."

Marcos Gaming PUBG Mobile team

Suryansh "MGZeDsurya" Mishra- IGL

Hunarpreet "MGZedRonak" Singh- Assaulter

Ashwin "MGZeDm4ntyop" Anand- Assaulter

Faraz "MGZeDwizzgod" Khan -Assaulter

Aamir "MGZeDJordan" Ansari - Assaulter

Shahnawaz "MGZeDGyroGod" Shahbaz- Assaulter




1st Position

OR championship

1st Position

Gamers Without Border

3rd Position

Crew Mania

2nd Position

XTZ Genesis series

2nd Position

PMPL South Asia RS

7th Position

PMPL South Asia Finals

12th Position

PMCO Spring 2020

5th Position

Villager Pro Invitational

1st Position

The road ahead

As PUBG Mobile is banned in India, the team does not have any upcoming tournaments to participate in.

Currently, Marcos Gaming is working on different games and studying which ones have a brighter future in Esports. Lots of other things are lined up which they will reveal soon. Marcos Gaming has three lineups - PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, Free Fire.

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