Is playing PUBG Mobile Korea legal in India?

Is playing PUBG Mobile Korea legal in India?

Yes it is Illegal

PUBG Mobile: the most loved Battle Royale of India was banned in September by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology due to multiple complaints suggesting the game performed unauthorized data transfer to foreign servers.

PUBG Studios later announced PUBG Mobile India: a tailored version of the original game- that features improved in-game content that's in-line with the Indian players. The game has not launched as it is facing multiple hurdles from the ministry and PUBG Mobile has not made a comeback yet.

However, this hasn't stopped PUBG Mobile India fans from breaking the law and playing the global versions or Korean version of PUBG Mobile through Virtual Private Network connections (VPN). A VPN service bassically hides your IP by establishing a layer of encryption on incoming data packets.

PUBG Mobile KR version of the game has crossplay functionality which means that it does access the global servers of PUBG Mobile which is legally blocked by the MEITY and using A VPN connection in order to bypass the ban is against the law.

An RTI filed by Prasoon Shekhar, a law student questioning about the ‘provision of law if somebody disobeys the ban imposed on PUBG Mobile', the MEITY replied by saying that “MeitY does not ban any App. However, blocking of specified Apps was done under the provisions of Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and its Rules namely Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking Access of Information by the Public) Rules, 2009. Section 69A of the Act provides for a penalty to intermediaries for non-compliance of the blocking order. However, no penalty is prescribed for individual users of such Apps.”

Bottom Line

According to the official statement of MEITY an individual playing the game in a closed environment is disobeying the ban imposed, but cannot be penalized for the same.

However, if an individual or a group who are promoting the practice of disobeying the ban through streaming or motivating others can be prosecuted and penalized.

The bottom line is yes, playing the PUBG Mobile KR is illegal in India however an individual playing the game in an closed environment cannot be prosecuted but a streamer promoting the same can be.

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