Global Esports reveals their new PUBG Mobile roster

Global Esports reveals their new PUBG Mobile roster

The roster features 4 former members of Team SouL

Global Esports, one of the largest esports organization in India has finally announced it's new PUBG Mobile roster which marks the organization's return to the PUBG Mobile scene. Back in September SynerGE: the partnership organization backed by Global Esports merged with Galaxy Racer.

Looking at the names that will be joining Global Esports' arsenal, we cannot call the new roster anything but a dream team, featuring some of the most popular PUBG Mobile players of the country who have played for teams like Fnatic, SouL, Entity Gaming and ETG.Brawlers.

Global Esports' new PUBG Mobile Roster:

  • Dhruv "Sangwan" Sangwan [Assaulter/Support]

  • Aman "AMAN" Jain [Entry Fragger]

  • Varad "Blaezi" Kadtan [Assaulter]

  • Vinay "Iconic" Gahlot [Assaulter/Support]

  • Hrithik "Darkk" Saxena [Support]

Here's a quick overview of GE's new dream team.

Dhruv "Sangwan" Sangwan

GE Sangwan

Sangwan has been a PUBG Mobile pro for a long time now and has been a part of teams like SouL, ETG Brawlers, VSG Crawlers, Fnatic, and Element Esports. He rose to popularity when he got his first break at the PMAS 2019 with Team Fnatic and then he moved on to join team SouL in 2020.

Aman "AMAN" Jain

GE Aman

Aman is one of the most celebrated PUBG Mobile players of India who is popular for his aggressive style of gameplay. He has played for teams like Entity Gaming and Soul and has won the PMCO Fall Split 2019.

Varad "Blaezi" Kadtan

GE Blaezi

Blazei is a former member of Team Soul and is one of the most underrated PUBG Mobile pros in the country as he has not got a chance yet to play in the big leagues. However, he is very popular as a content creator with over 200K subscribers on Youtube. He also played for teams like Zero Degree and God X.

Vinay "Iconic" Gahlot

GE Iconic

Iconic is famous for the slogan ‘Iconic Toh Legend Hai.' He kicked off his career by playing for Team SouL. Before he joined GE he was a player for Team Element and has grabbed multiple podium finishes.

Hrithik "Darkk" Saxena

GE Darkk

Darkk is also a former player from Team SouL and is close to Iconic and their careers go hand in hand. Darkk is popular in the PUBG Mobile community for his advanced assaulting skills.

Global Esports' new PUBG Mobile roster packs immense amount of firepower. However, the team cannot take part in any tournaments yet due to the ban of PUBG Mobile. But we hope the game makes a comeback soon so we can see this star roster in action.

Global Esports reveals their new PUBG Mobile roster
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Global Esports reveals their new PUBG Mobile roster
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